Climate Change can be worse than Auschwitz

Just think a moment about the following…

Africa will soon have a population of 2 billion – – that is 4 times bigger than Europe today, and the Middle East also has a huge population of over 400 million. Both areas are now subject to extreme heat and draught. Water and education are in short supply, while corruption is deeply embedded with the few who control many of the countries there.

Can you imagine what happens if there is no food, no security, and no work?

People will start to fight and steal to get something better… Then mass migration will start and where do you think they will go?  There is nothing to the south, west or east, but in the north there is Europe with all its fine riches – they will help – surely, they ask themselves?

Can you imagine what a line of 500 million to 1 000 million hungry people looks like? Are we going to take them in to our homes in three and fours? Of course not, Europe will answer! 

Europe will demand that our EU soldiers will stop them at the borders. We will agree to send rice, milk, soya beans and maize to feed them. Trump will send a ship loaded with MacDonald’s and Wendy’s hamburgers.

When these poor people have been in massive refugee camps for a year or two, weapons will start to find a way in, and small efficient armies will begin to attack our EU borders. What will we do – kill them with drones and mines. 

Then as time goes on criminals will help them cross remote borders for cash and we will find that they are killing our sons and daughters in Berlin, Paris and Rome… 

We then increase the counter attacks and wipe out millions with chemical weapons, bombs, poison, and bullets.

The world’s rich folk cry out that we should not be doing this – until their sons and daughters are killed .

The world’s population will fall back to 3 million and perhaps even lower to 2 million, as most of our earth is too hot or too cold or too polluted…

“Why did we not listen to Greta?” we ask ourselves, that is the remaining ones who are lucky enough to have food, a home and a life…

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