Climate Change Always Causes Migration…

The headline is self explanatory. 

People leave their home region if there is drought, flooding or war.

In the early centuries of the first millennium,  some 2000 years ago, the Roman Empire saw plenty if movement from foreign tribes across their frontiers.

In his book, “Europe – A History”, Prof. Norman Davies writes:

“The irregular rhythms of migration depended on a complex equation involving climate change, food supply, demographic growth, local rivalries, distant cries.”   


“Changes at one end of the chain of peoples could set off ripples all along the links of the chain” 

There is no reason to expect that things have changed much in 2000 years and Africa and the Middle East together with China might be big sources of migration towards Europe in the next 100 years. 

The reason not to expect any other situation is because our political leaders appear to be more interested in having big and important jobs rather than actually trying to solve Climate Change:

      1. We continue to burn coal and natural gas. 
      2. We continue to prefer dirty fossil fuels for our cars and lorries.
      3. Housing and offices are not properly insulated agains heat and cold.
      4. More airports are being built and extended for more planes.
      5. Plastic and other dangerous waste is being dumped in the ground and oceans.

Welcome to Hell in a few years time – your children and grandchildren will love it when you are safely dead in your grave.

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