Virus Deaths Threat Worse Than Reality

The Human Condition is such that around 1% of us die each year, which means that around 7.4 million Europeans die from the population of 740 million, and some 70 million will be dying this year with our global population of some 7.4 billion.

So far there have been around 240 000 deaths from the virus which is around 0.3% of the total expected annual number of global deaths…

That is a very small number, which even doubled or tripled will remain realtively small.

The above graph already shows that existing lung ailments account for some 5 million to 6 million deaths each year – the present Corona virus is nudging that along in a bad direction but not by much so far.

Heart conditions and strokes account for the highest number of deaths with almost 10 million and 6 million deaths respectively.

Reading these figures puts the Virus in perspective – and the daily dose of Corona news needs to be toned down and put in a better perspective. 

The Virus is not the end of the world, but Climate Change has a good chance to succeed in achieving THE END if nothing more is done…

Graph: WHO

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