Common Features between Lapland & Sud Tirol

Some readers (the Finnish ones) felt that I am not being fair when writing about the beauty of just Italy, when Lapland is still around with the outstanding beauty your correspondent well knows!

One reader sent me several photographs from Lapland where you can walk for miles without seeing another person in wonderful bright light with an exceptional distant landscape in every direction. 

The paths are well designed and long with log and wooden huts offering shelter at night and during the day. Many of them are free and many others must be booked and paid for with a nominal fee. They are warm and dry places near water (icey water) where you may meet another member of the human species…

This time of the year the nights can be cold, freezing cold, but during the day things warm up nicely. You must take your own food and drink – shops are only in the towns, not on the paths. Fishing is generally not allowed although you may collect mushrooms and berries – but these too are hard to find.

In Italy the huts (Hütte) are super efficient in serving low cost delicious meals and offer low cost accommodation that should be booked in season. They are also to be found on the paths on the sides of the mountains about every 3 or 4 hours of medium-speed walking. That is the biggest difference along with he massive mountain ranges which fill up 30% of the sky!

So enjoy both as much as you can. Both are wonderful… 

All the photos of  Lapland here are from Anna Pakkanen, a graphic designer who lives and works in Lapland, miles away from the maddening crowds.

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