Corona – What Will Final Death Rates Look Like?

The above figures continue to show divergence between the countries with well managed hospital care, where populations are more disciplined and listen to their experts and smart leaders, and where public healthcare has been properly maintained, and not driven into poverty by the greed of some private healthcare interests and their partners, large parts of the pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, the above figures illustrate two matters that are of great interest – what will be the final death rates of this Virus?

  1. If the death rates of all countries on average continue to grow to around 50 per 100 000 of the population then the Virus will continue to kill lots more people . If you make such an estimate that assumes then the EU will see deaths doubling and the USA will see a tripling of deaths:

2. On the other hand one could assume a less worrying assumption of 30 deaths per 100 000 of the population – this looks better but is much too optimistic because the global number must be much higher over time… which may man that infection rates and death rates will differ in different parts of the world.


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