“Costly Consequences of Harmful Immigration”

The title “Costly Consequences of Harmful Immigration” is borrowed from the English language manifesto of the True Finns,

Recent polls put them as the most important party in Finland, so it is important to see what they are offering.

Their English language manifesto about immigration is set out here for our readers to consider. Their text is marked by bold letters and are sequential. The text in italics after each bold paragraph is a brief commentary on their claims from your correspondent.

Here is their text:

Finnish taxpayers see that the resulting expenditures for immigration mean that:

  1. The elderly Finnish citizens are not properly cared for. Don’t blame immigrants or immigration-related costs on poor care. This has been going on for decades. The blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of poor political policies and governance by municipalities, as well as incompetent greedy private sector care providers. The True Finns are themselves sitting as a political party in many municipalities so they should work a little harder to remove poor care providers.
  2. Finnish children must go to schools plagued by mould and bad indoor air. Poorly built schools have also been pandemic for decades. Poor procurement and governance by municipalities is to blame, as well as private sector construction companies that fail to build well. The same problems are endemic in normal apartment buildings. Don’t blame immigration on this.
  3. Wages of Finnish workers are no longer sufficient. Immigrants have huge problems finding reasonable work, and many end up unemployed or in low paid jobs that Finns refuse to take, even with higher rates – so this is a weak argument.
  4. At the same time, migrants are living comfortably on Finnish social security payments and other benefits. Saying that immigrants live “comfortably” is nonsense when many are isolated and without jobs. It also implies that Finns are not living comfortably but immigrants are…

The return of migrants to their countries of origin are the most important – and, actually, the only – means of protecting Finland against these costly consequences of immigration. This sentence has no real meaning because is catches all immigration… hardly sensible and very xenophobic. What about Finns moving to America, Sweden or Norway for higher wages? Should they be returned because they are “bloody foreigners”?

Effective solutions are not through education, training, guidance or social integration. Again meaningless jargon – does this party really want to send back qualified foreign engineers, doctors, IT specialists, etc., who come here to live, to be better integrated with Finns, and have their children attend Finnish schools…

The throwing away of money and resources must stop. Again this is a grandiose general statement that is not very useful because it has no concrete meaning except it sounds nice…

Helping situation by making it not possible to walk across the Finnish boundaries. Poor English, but its probable meaning is not true. Almost all foreigners are inspected at Finland’s entry point. Some manage to sneak in as illegal immigrants but they are not many in number.

Overall, the Finns Party wants to stop all harmful immigration, which has been so costly and damaging to the Finnish society. They continue to talk about “harmful immigration” but do not define it, nor do they define what they mean by “damaging”, nor do they present any cost analysis of immigration. Just saying that something is costly without explaining the possible costs and revenues is absurd. You could say that we should stop having children because having them is costly, or we should ban political parties because they cost taxpayers a lot of money! 

Immigration has increased the incidence of crime and brought insecurity. This again needs numbers – crime is not a major problem here in Finland, so this is more an attempt to claim that immigrants are not as trustworthy as Finns without providing any facts.

As well as eroding important societal values such as the respect for equality. So this political party wants to impose their version of societal values on us by fiat. They appear to be fazed by diversity that already permeates Finnish society.

Children and women must be safe in Finland.  Women and children are safe in Finland.

The Finns party is the only political party that has demanded actions in these matters rather than mealy-mouthed and hollow comments.  Not a pleasant comment – it is a very bigoted comment.

A nation’s most important function is to ensure the safety of its citizens. Every political party wants this, like everyone in this country… 

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