COVID-19 – Statistics in Perspective

By Robin Chater, Secretary-General of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE)

Over the 90 days that the virus has been infecting the population in China and, progressively, the rest of the World – the number of consequent deaths have totalled over 8,000.

During the same period the FedEE Statistics Unit estimates that:

  • The number of global deaths from all causes to have been 13.68 million;
  • The number of child deaths alone from malnutrition to have been 775,000;
  • The number of deaths from motor accidents to have been 315,000;
  • The number of deaths from influenza to have been 125,000;
  • The number of murders to have been 110,000;
  • The number of deaths from unintentional poisoning in the USA alone to have been 16,200;
  • The number of deaths from snake bites in India alone to have been 2,750.

If the same resources devoted to COVID-19 were directed to child malnutrition, then the number of lives saved would readily amount to over 500,000. This excludes any allowance made for $billions lost from production and share values because incompetent governments have taken action too late and far too ineptly. Assisting China in early January 2020 would have undoubtedly severely limited the global spread of the virus.

There is a huge moral dilemma here which no-one seems strong enough, or unselfish enough, to confront. It is the responsibility of everyone in the advanced and developing economies that children starve to death in vast numbers whilst everyone outside the third world frets about COVID-19. Do the children not count because they are not from our street, or because they are mainly black? What price civilization?

FinnishNews publishes this article because it puts the Pandemic in a global perspective – yes, Corona is bad but why do we give it so much prominence when many more preventable deaths are occurring at the same time that do not reach the headlines…

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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