Criminals Pay for Their Crimes – So Should Putin & Co.

Putin & Co. Are war criminals because they have ordered groups of murderers to kill innocent people in Ukraine.

They should be punished like other war criminals.

Firstly, they have unilaterally declared a war on Ukraine when Ukraine was posing no military or other threat to Russia.

Secondly, the men they have ordered to Ukraine are not soldiers, they are just terrible murderers – they are should not be described as soldiers, because they are sent to kill people who are not their enemies in any sense.

Putin & Co. should pay by having their foreign assets seized and confiscated. They should be declared as war criminals to be tried and, if found guilty, placed into solitary confinement for life without reprieve.

The funds derived from the sale of these assets should be used for covering Ukraine’s costs caused by the senseless war .

We all know that they have stolen money funds from the Russian State and used that cash for luxuries while many of their own population live in cold homes, without democratic rights, basic infrastructure or security. 

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