Cynical about Sweden? “Influencers” are not Role Models

The leading newspaper in Sweden (SvD 31.7.2020 – Raking in 100 millions on social media), has just published a full page article about young men and women called “influencers”, and about how much money they are making by promoting H&M and many other products from big companies.

This self-promotion ranks at the very bottom of what is important in society and sustainability. The fact that a serious newspaper gives so much space to this frivolous activity tells you something about Sweden. The glitter of gold – money – far outweighs what is honest and socially acceptable. The article only emphasises their position in society and somehow legitimises their activities.

These people certainly cannot be seen as shining examples of role models for other young people.

We need role models for education and responsible professional excellence in any field of useful activity – but brushing hair, putting on make-up, showing off dresses and drinking shots on YouTube are about as low as you can get.

Receiving hundreds of thousands of Euros from big companies and Big Tech is a shameful activity of promotion by these big companies that are wasting the talents of young people and misleading thousands more…

These same companies talk about sustainability and good corporate governance in their annual reports – now you know that that is just lip-service…

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