Danes Optimize Wind Power Brilliantly

Vestas has announced the launch of their new massive 15MW off-shore wind turbine, which they claim will produce 80 Gigawatt hours, (GWh).  It is a huge wind turbine that has blades that stretch out over 200 meters across. It is a massive engineering feat that is now a serious competitor in terms of efficiency and size to normal big thermal plants like nuclear or fossil fuel plants.  

Vestas states that this turbine “offers excellent partial-load production, resulting in a more stable energy production, and a capacity factor over 60 percent depending on site-specific conditions.” 

This is much better than many thermal plants without any fuel costs and according to Tomas Kåberger, a world expert in energy matters who is the Executive Board Chairman of the Renewable Energy Institute: 

“Suddenly numbers change: Instead of a typical nuclear reactor, 1 000 MW producing 8 TWh/a, one need to build only 100 wind power plants at sea.”

Vestas is supporting the Danish initiative to build energy islands which are reported in the FinnishNews here today”Wind for Green Transition in Denmark – A Power Solution.”

Tomas Kåberger continues: “As Danish power increases over the seas in northern Europe, you may admire their industrial strategy: Government supporting infrastructure development. Rely on domestic industry building what can sustainably use zero cost energy resources to supply the electricity they need in the future. Finland, with their nuclear expansion program, faces a challenger. Swedish politicians disagree on what they prefer.”

The Finns are still waiting for the delivery of TVO’s nuclear plant. It has been a long saga because the French have been struggling to deliver this turn-key plant for over 12 years. The final costs are much higher than promised and the delays terrible. Both parties are fighting out over who pays what. 

The second nuclear plant is called Fennovoima and was approved by the Finnish Parliament in 2010. Rosatom’s pressurized water reactor was chosen model. It has proved to be an expensive project too. Shareholders have discovered that this too is looking more and more like a white elephant. Delays and project planning have been serious sticking points and there is little to show for a project that has already taken more than decade! 

Photo: News release from Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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