Dear Russians – Wake  Up 

Putin is Living in Another World.

He is living in another world where he appears to ignore that 50 000 of his soldiers have been killed and a huge share of his military equipment has been destroyed because he deliberately wanted to kill, rape, maim and destroy Ukrainians.

He keeps on repeating that Ukraine belongs to Russia and that it is full of Nazis they are somehow a threat to Russia. 

Ukraine is not part of Russia, no more than Poland, Hungary, Germany, or France…

Ukraine has never been a threat to Russia.

How wrong this man is – Russians must understand that Putin is a war criminal. He is now guilty of commanding his army to commit the most serious war crimes like deliberately killing innocent women and children who are sleeping in their apartments far away from any center of fighting.

He is even calling soldiers Russian heroes when there is recorded evidence that these same men have committed atrocities like violent killings, torture and rape of innocent civilians.

Putin is deluded and must be stopped. The longer this unprovoked and violent Russian attack continues the worse it gets for ordinary Russians, who unlike Putin, are paying with the lives of their men.

Putin, his family and his oligarch friends are living lives of luxury surrounded by armed guards because they are too scared to mix with ordinary people. 

He is stealing your money and your lives. How rotten can a Russian leader be?

Ukrainians need to be able to live their lives in peace without Putin’s violent soldiers destroying their villages, towns and cities.

We Europeans are supporting Ukraine and we will help to rebuild the country when this violence is finished. It is up to you to stop this violence – lay down your arms and arrest Putin.

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