Death Toll from Climate Change for Dummies

Many people in Finland and elsewhere claim that Climate Change is costing too much. In Finland, they claim that we have already done more than others to reduce greenhouse emissions and that doing more would put us at an economic disadvantage with the rest of the world.

Their calculations are not carefully written down in any scientific paper but appear as subjective opinions sometimes referring to the high cost of food and petrol and at other times they talk in a fuzzy manner about being price competitive with other EU countries. This argument is then negated when they rave about how useless the EU is and how we should exit it!

Well a new study has been published by the University of Exeter led by Professor Tim Lenton. They have calculated how many people are dying and will be dying because of higher temperatures.

“For every 0.1°C of warming above present levels, about 140 million more people will be exposed to dangerous heat.”

“The costs of global warming are often expressed in financial terms, but our study highlights the phenomenal human cost of failing to tackle the climate emergency,” said Professor Tim Lenton, director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.

“This reveals both the scale of the problem and the importance of decisive action to reduce carbon emissions. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C rather than 2.7°C would mean five times fewer people in 2100 being exposed to dangerous heat.”

Deaths are not only caused by heat directly but also because food cannot be grown, and water would disappear in large areas of land that are densely populated like Indian sub-continent and Asia.

We are already seeing people fleeing from countries in Africa, but as temperatures increase we will see massive migration from the above areas to cooler climates.

Thus, ignoring Climate Change or demanding that others do something more is just a way of condemning our children to see massive movements of populations into our cooler lands…

Limiting warming to 1.5°C would leave 5% exposed – saving a sixth of humanity from dangerous heat compared to 2.7°C of warming. That is about 2 billion people…

In “worst-case scenarios” of 3.6°C or even 4.4°C global warming, half of the world’s population could be left outside the climate niche, posing what the researchers call an “existential risk”.

Photo: Credit Pablo Tosco / Oxfam International

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