Deutsche Bank and Trump… Ump! Ump!

If you have read the last article on the possible merger between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, then you should also read the New York Times report today (19.03.2019) on the goings on between Deutsche Bank and Trump – “A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank”

They have more than enough risk and past losses with this great client (Trump & Co.) and you can only wonder how much more of similar risky business is hidden under the blankets in their global networks.

The news that the European Central bank is nervous about the merger is also reason to believe that these insiders are better equipped than German politicians to assess risk.

Just recall that Germany is the largest EuroZone member and that the EuroZone is being pushed by amateur politicians towards a Banking Union, which is just a fancy word for spreading the risks when banks go bang! Let the taxpayers cover the losses…

The losses from any big bank in Germany would be many orders bigger than the Greek tragedy.

The losses from little Greece are already expected to cost Finnish taxpayers many times more than the recent cuts in our education and healthcare budgets.

Do not forget that Mr. Katainen and Mr. Stubb (both Finance Ministers and PM’s) and Mr. Liikanen (former Governor of the Bank of Finland), were all present when these poorly-crafted Greek decisions were made – and now they are all looking for nice jobs in the EU and in Finland. M. Stubb, probably the worst Finance Minister of all times, is now setting himself up for the job as the EU’s AI commissioner!

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