Don’t waste our time with Touchstone building a tunnel…

The One Belt One Road or the Silk Road initiative is a huge Chinese attempt to gain influence in world affairs and it looks like we have a group of inexperienced Finns have been fooled into thinking that they can sell a bridge to unsuspecting investors, governments and taxpayers.

Let’s be absolutely clear, no company in this world will enter into such a huge and risky contract without solid guarantees from our government to cover the costs and the risks of such a project.

During the last 60 years, there are no projects of such huge size and such huge risks that have ever been undertaken by any private company without such guarantees, and the Chinese are not about to set a whole new way of doing business with us now.

Just take a peek at the Touchstone Capital Partners website. It reveals so much about who these young men are dealing with. 

The website tells us very little about the group in some unintelligible form of English. It is fine if inexperienced people want to waste their time and money, but they have no right to waste taxpayers’ money on such futile projects.

Here is a “paste and copy” of some of the text from the Touchstone website which is basically an unintelligible miss-mash ungrammatical Double Dutch.

It does not exactly look like any company that can offer €15 billion just like that!

 “The One Belt One Road Fund Overview

Under the China Government one belt one road policy which urgent need a more marketable fund which support international PPP project to be realised funding and constructed since the global most of the government debt ratio such higher level , which need a unique fund and special structure to be suitable for all project to be realised. base on such status which Touchstone with IFF joint together to launch 100B USD one belt one road equity linked investment fund which main investors will from China 50% and international 50% .

Touchtone One Belt and One Road investment fund (the “Fund”) that will target mid market investments in strategic sectors with inherent growth and opportunities, with a particular focus on renewable energy, hi-technology, infrastructure, real estate and tourism industries.

The investment strategy will include the Co-investment with other leading fund or acquisition of key assets, partnership with Chinese SOEs, access to capital from Chinese banks and a close focus on cost control and fostering organic growth in acquired businesses. Further, the Fund intends to use the project receivables to insure the projects in co-operation with China and international Insurance company .

The Fund will implement proactive measures to improve the performance of the businesses and assets it acquires. These measures may include: prudent control of costs, improved marketing and business development activities, and access to sufficient working capital to realise the full potential of the market for each acquired business’ products.

Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited Members

Touchstone Rong Bang Investment Holdings Group is joint venture company which was registered in Hong Kong between Touchstone Capital Group Holdings and Rong Bang International ( ) to specialising the business to focus one the art asset securitised and one stop solution financial advisory for the members of the Rong Bang International.

Touchstone Sinosteel Investment Holdings Group is joint venture between Touchstone Capital Group Holdings and Sinosteel Resource Company limited ( ) which focus on the technology transfer investment and Iron and Steel related investment .

Touchstone – SOES Investment Holdings Limited is joint venture between Touchstone Capital Group Holdings and SOE Company limited which focus on the Infrastructure related investment and partnership .

Touchtone Pogoda Investment Group limited is Joint Venture between Touchstone Capital Group Holdings and Beijing Pogoda Investment limited which business focus on the tourism related investment and estate investment .

Touchstone Investment and Construction Group Limited is joint venture between Touchstone Capital Group Holdings and European leading construct company which focus on the Construction related EPC, Investment and other financial services

which act as Construction related construction and investment platform

Touchstone Insurance Brokerage Limited is insurance licensed insurance brokerages firm which specialising for Touchstone insurance related service provider platform which have existed insurance wrap risky our products to cover the investment and construction all of related risks.

  Touchstone – Advisorp Fund Management Company which is Joint venture between Touchstone and Fund managers professionals to focus on the global fund and asset management which was regulated by UK FSC. Established in 1997 in London, AdviCorp is an independent investment banking firm operating in the areas of Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Asset Management. Services include cross-border advice and transaction management in connection with M&A, debt and equity capital raising, turnarounds and restructuring.

Touchstone – Hockleong Financial Group Holdings Limited which is Joint venture between Touchstone and Asia Family to focus one the Asia and Pacific large scales infrastructure related investment , fund management and EPC related business . we are holding more than 20 Billion USD infrastructure projects .

Touchtone -CIC Investment Limited is Joint venture between Touchtone and China leading commodity trading company which special for the commodity trading business between China and International .

Touchstone Jing Liang Property Development is a Joint Venture Between Touchstone and china one of land owner to develop larger scaled art related property in Beijing . the company focus on the property development and investment .

Touchtone -EU Investment Holdings is Joint venture between Touchstone and leading asset owner company who owned more than 20B USD asset , which company special for the asset securitised for the asset management and also company can provide east EU one stop financial solution service for the infrastructure , M & A and others .

Touchtone Trading Company limited is Joint venture between Touchstone and professionals which providing for the leasing finance and trading business between China and international .

Touchstone -Oury Consulting Company limited which is Jont venture between Touchstone and Professional who provide the one stop solution international legal & audit service for the immigration , cross border investment and any commercial legal and auditor related business .”

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