Does Trump love Kim, and Tito too?

Your correspondent has been traveling in Slovenia and upon arriving at Lake Bled, we were confronted with an amusing showpiece.

The lakeside is a glamorous fairytale setting bubbling with European history. In the old days it was just an ordinary collection of villages for poor farmers, but today it is home to the rich and famous Slovenian oligarchs and top politicians who want to show off their wealth and riches like President Tito who had his official residence here. 

This residence is now a restaurant and fine hotel with lots of photographs of Tito meeting with other heads of state, including Kim Il Sung in the 1970’s.

These historic photographs were memorable because of the farcical meetings today between Trump and the offspring of Kim Il Sung who now rules over North Korea like his father and grandfather! 

It is somewhat ironic that the President of the free world is flirting with this young man as Tito did with his grandfather and father. Such meetings reflect a common attitude on how o keep their populations under control with an iron fist.

Naturally it is important to keep the door open with the North Korean leadership but we must express our profound distaste for the cruel treatment of its citizens while this great leader surrounds himself with luxuries and nuclear weapons.

Trump probably mirrors himself on the likes of Tito these days, and that is not meant as a complement…

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