Don’t pay politicians for wasting time!

Running a country is not meant to be easy, and we should be able to expect that our minsters who drive around in Mercedes cars should work hard and efficiently to manage the country’s affairs.

They should employ experts to guide them in assessing policy alternatives, and make sure that legislation is well-drafted, in line with voter’s expectations (election promises) and with the constitution. These are basic principles that need to be adhered all of the time.

Now, in the USA, UK and in Finland, we can see that this has not occurred and that our representatives in government have been wasting taxpayers’ money and time on bad policies.

Trump does not deserve to title of President – he is rightly described as a crazy egoistic fool by the mainline American media (NYT). The good news is that the individual states are able to manage a great deal of ordinary policy even when the federal government is closed down!

The Brexit process is nothing but a farce run by people who seem not to  understand that the UK’s trading relationship with the EU can never be replaced by trade with other parts of the world. Basic services need taxpayers, and taxpayers are people who work – not the unemployed whose numbers will grow as Brexit bites in. Why the UK wants to cut its own GDP by leaving the EU is incomprehensible. Politicians like Cameron and May are responsible for idiotic and damaging policies, as well as wasting taxpayer’s money and time on wrong policies. 

In Finland, our government has wasted man-years of work on a hopeless, complex and muddled piece of legislation to do what they call a “reform of healthcare”! Finnish healthcare is excellent and cost effective – the OECD ranks it as one of the 10 best  world wide for care and costs efficiency. What do they think they are doing when far simpler solutions could have been drafted years ago? We are paying for them NOT to waste our money and time…

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