DORAN MEZE a fine new Restaurant in Hietalahti Hall

The Ancient Greeks following their usual hospitality custom would never welcome guests without something to nibble along with the drink they offered.

The word Meze is found in all the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and comes from Persian مزه (maze) meaning taste or snack” and mazīdan meaning to taste.

But truthfully, nearly every Middle Eastern or Mediterranean country, and the Balkans as well, at some point developed the culinary tradition of small dishes served as appetisers or finger food.

Now Doran Meze welcomes customers in Helsinki to enjoy freshly-made meze – they come alive with excellent ingredients.

Doran and his wife Plshin, (they just got married in Helsinki this month) have reopened their Doran Meze as an excellent small restaurant inside the Hietalahti Market Hall! 

They have a great selection of Finnish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern treats with a broad variety of olives, hummus, mayonnaise, genuine feta cheese, cheese-filled peppers, beans, dolmades, falafels, and lamb dishes… 

Most of their products are home-made with delicious pastes and olive marinades made on the spot.

Their dishes include freshly-made kebab and falafel portions, crisp salads, filled baguettes and meat patties. You can grab some dessert to go, or sit down and enjoy a  coffee with our baklava that melts in your mouth, or assemble a starter from their broad meze-selection.

You can place your order by phone, or you can order in advance, and you can take our products to go, or enjoy them on the spot. You can call them on 040 1602299

Here is their place on the map:

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