Down-trodden (Finnish) career women

Female equality in CEO positions and in company boards is about as far away from reality as Trump, Putin and Kim in being truthful.

It all started last year with the annual publication of how well Finnish women are doing in being appointed to the boards of companies. The Finnish Chamber of Commerce produce their annual figures where they spin the story about more women than ever before have been appointed to corporate boards. The title of their report is “Record Number of Women Directors in Finnish Listed Companies”!

Before opening the report, you would think that the 50% level has been reached but the reality is that they are only half way there…

The percentage of women in the 125 publicly listed companies now stands at 27% in 2017 report and now 29% in the new 2018 report that is only in Finnish.

The number of female CEO’s in these same companies is just 10 (8%).

In the 500 largest companies there are only 37 women as CEO’s, which is just 7%.

Companies have lobbied hard to avoid having legislation in place to have more women in these elevated places claiming that the markets will eventually attain the gender balance.

But again, it is worth noting that gender diversity and equal opportunities at the work place are both equally important.

It would be sufficient to state a clear recommendation that companies should strive to having a 60%/40% balance of the genders in their boards and in executive positions. This rule does not involve saying anything about men or women, a fact that few chose to understand.

The female glass ceiling is a reality for most women, and a cause for most men, intentionally or not!

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