Due Diligence was Ignored by Finland’s Prime Minister

Every professional investor and every professional financial analyst always perform Due Diligence thoroughly when making or recommending important investments or employing key staff.

A Due Diligence process normally involves third parties who have better access to numerical data and networks that can reveal matters that need to be revealed or verified.

Your correspondent has worked for over 50 years in the financial markets, and it is impossible to make any major investment decision or employ staff without deep and thorough Due Diligence that is performed by the investor or the employer, and this process always involves outside consultants, lawyers and headhunters.

In today’s employment markets all senior candidates are vetted by independent consultants, and it is quite common for the domestic security authorities to be involved to see if there is any matter that needs to be considered before making the final decision.

It goes without question that the newly appointed Prime Minister here in Finland should have performed a thorough Due Diligence when forming a new government with another political party and when appointing ministers from their ranks.

In the case of the present government, Mr. Orpo appears to have been negligent in his duties by  not performing proper Due Diligence when choosing to work with the True Finns and appointing ministers from their ranks. This party has a long and well documented history of bigotry, racism, intolerance, and right-wing extremism. A few prominent party members have also been convicted in the courts. How could he have missed all the clearly visible warning signs that are all in the public domain?

The Prime Minister’s negligence has put the wrong type of spotlight on Finland and one may ask if this man is suitable for the job, especially since Finland has been so vocal about similar abuses  in Hungary and Poland.

Finland’s international reputation has taken a serious knocking and some mild slap on the wrist is not enough to instil confidence in our government at home and abroad when the same people who have clearly expressed racist and extreme right-wing views continue to hold key posts in our government.

Finland is not some East Block former Communist country, but that is what we look like today…

… and we all know what happens when extreme right-wing politics and racial intolerance takes hold. You only have to recall the concentration camps of Nazi Germany or look across the border at Putin’s brutal Empire. It only took Trump a few years to turn parts of American democracy into a Banana Republic.

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