Elections… plenty is not happening well

It has been a boom time for elections, media companies and politicians. There are many good and bad things emerging from all this election activity that are very meaningful for Europe and the USA.

The above picture from 2011 tells you much about Europe. Mr. Barossa now works for Goldman Sachs. Merkel is on her way out and the third man Mr. Katainen is looking for a job too after announcing that he is renouncing politics! Change is good…

… and there is more good news – there are so many more women in the US House of Representatives. But the disturbing thing is that support for Trump remains so strong. 

If you have spent 30 minutes listening to this buffoon, you would be completely amazed that his disjointed and crazy way of speaking could convince anybody to vote for him. He is like a child who repeats nonsense from his own bigoted views in between reading a prepared script. He can hardly manage reading this script properly before again rambling off about this and that.

He talks about himself and his friends as “great people” who achieve “great things”. Everyone else is just stupid, his enemy, a criminal or, at best, untrustworthy. He tells lies perfectly openly – he is in favour of action to stop climate change and then adds that any action must not hurt jobs or US industrial competitiveness! He talks about the media as if they just tell lies! He talks about economic growth as if he bears sole responsibility for the work done by Obama’s administration. He talks about trade as if he is the only person in the world that understands how to do “great trade deals” while his farmers are going under because soya beans can no longer be sold to China… Naturally the worse thing is his strong support for Saudi Arabia, who can do no wrong , but does… plenty of it.

Can you imagine what would happen in the Nordic countries to any politician who behaved and spoke as he does. He would not last one second! That speaks a book about the present state of the USA!

… and in Germany and in the EU we have Merkel and the EPP group in the EU Parliament. Merkel’s departure is probably welcome because she has been there too long, and she is smart enough to realise her shortcomings. The same goes for Seehofer who has announced his resignation as boss of the CSU. In serious countries with normally good leaders, change at the top is always welcome when the atmosphere becomes clammy. It will be interesting to see who will win this contest.

Now the time has also come to replace Juncker. That is about time for a man who should never have been appointed in the first place. Luxembourg has taken all the juice out of the EU with grossly unfair tax arrangements for big foreign companies who can lend money from the Luxembourg offices at high rates of interest so that the companies in Finland and other places end up paying almost zero amounts in local taxes. This is legal only because we the member countries have not raised our voices enough. These companies can all thank Mr. Sipilä and Mr. Orpo, our PM and Finance Minioster for their tacit support with other EU leaders. Collectively we all end up with a lower tax revenues and weaker domestic companies, who cannot compete with these giants. These are the companies that make big profits from doing business in our space without paying due taxes as locally domiciled companies must do and that is unfair.  

So the EPP group is now convened in Helsinki to elect their favourite candidate to replace Juncker – that is either Mr. Stubb or Mr. Meyer. This type of in-house decision-making that takes place inside a party machine is so undemocratic. There is no reference to ordinary folk – at least the Americans can vote for their man at the top! 

The present EU system is just a turn of the roulette wheel controlled by folk who have no skin in the game and bear no liabilities if things turn out badly. Whoever is responsible for the present poor state of affairs in the EU, we can only hope for more transparency and less “Cloke and Dagger” behaviour. The results of this situation have lead to Brexit and the situations in Italy, Poland and Hungary… it is time for change but that will be so slow in coming with the present leadership.

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