EU postpones Agreement on Top EU Jobs

At their summit this week, the EU failed to agree on who gets the top jobs at he EU. 

As expected Merkel’s choice to head the commission, Mr. Weber, her Spitzenkandidaten, did not go anywhere, nor did the proposals involving Mr. Timmermans and Ms. Vestager.

It turns out that Ms. Merkel and Mr. Rutte argued heatedly over dinner, and nobody has any idea what Mr. Macron wants except he opposes everybody else!

They went on arguing until 2 o’clock in the morning, which is 3 o’clock in Finland, so Mr. Rinne, Finland’s new PM must have been feeling tired. 

He had heart surgery earlier this year and has recovered, thanks to the excellent Finnish public healthcare system, that the last Finnish government tried to destroy. He was taken ill while on vacation in Spain and the doctors there nearly killed him. This was not surprising since the Spanish system depends heavily on costly tourist insurance policies. Based on your corespondent’s prior experience at a private hospital a few year’s ago, it appears that the top priority for Spanish doctors and private healthcare companies is the bottom line, and not the best possible treatment for patients.

The outcome of this dinner is that a strange and partial collection of EU leaders will meet at the G20 Summit in Osaka this month to decide on the top jobs. Finland, the President will not be there but the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be. So much for EU democracy! 

… and can somebody explain what the UK will be doing at that EU meeting?

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