EU28 cannot agree on Zero Emissions

The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Poland have blocked an agreement to have zero l climate emissions in the EU by 2050 at a meeting of national leaders in Brussels this week. 

Germany has decided to support the ambition first proposed in May by eight other member states – Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. 

Finland is missing because the government-owned power company and the big cities burn a lot of coal to keep us warm, but the government will probably agree soon to join this good club.

These four blocking countries like burning lignite and coal and appear to want to receive compensation from the rest of the EU before they sign up to this agreement… or you could also put it another way – these four want more money to protect their own businesses, at the others’ expense, while continuing to receive huge grants from the EU. Trump could probably do a deal on this one to force them to agree, or perhaps he really has don a deal to block the consensus…

Based on the previous article from Professor Staffan Laestadius, those countries that have signed up to zero emissions are not even doing much about serious reductions of greenhouse emissions. Having a bunch of obstinate countries making bad noises is hardly useful when their actions will probably lead to serious global crisis.

The UK likes to be the great saviour of the globe. They have legislated to achieve zero emissions by 2050, but their Foreign Minister is on video assaulting a GeenPreace lady from their posh dinner in the City of London. So much for Conservative Party credibility on this topic!

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