Europe’s Political Risks are Bigger than Finland’s

Merkel is leaving her job and her replacement is by no means clear, and judging by the German press, he does not enjoy much support from the CDU’s grass roots. That is a dangerous path for Germany and not good news for Europe. 

Macron, the Greek God of Paris, elected by hopeful voters in 2017, has turned into sour milk. What else could you expect from a country that still enjoys massive undeserved benefits from EU’s Common Agriculture Policy, (CAP)?

Reforms of CAP are about as probable as Macron’s re-election… If Ms. Le Pen were to win that election then we have another reasons to be really concerned… Her politics are similar to Trump’s – “France First”, etc…

Then we have that third big country – Italy. A new shining “European” is now defending Italy and its banks. Before in his past career he defended Goldman Sachs… Draghi is no fool but he is no more a European than any other ambitious person who always wants to climb to the top. He left the European Central Bank without solving any of the acute problems facing the Euro and the Italian, French and German banks. He just placed a huge expensive plasters on the Euro by copying the American policy of buying massive amounts of government bonds, the purpose of which was to provide financial relief to governments and these banks.

Now he is set on maximising support from the rest of us for a failing Italy. €200 billion is what he is getting from the EU which is way above what his country is entitled to. Their track record of reforms is not exactly world-class. They have done almost nothing over the last three decades and the Mafia is richer and more influential than ever before. He is setting himself up as a new strong European leader, but he will be replaced by another Italian not far into the future…

With Poland, Spain, and Hungary all tied up in political scandals and as weakened democracies, we should be very worried about the health risks of Europe these coming years.

Finland should not waste time creating political infighting just now, but should concentrate more energy on making sure that Europe works for all of us.

Print by Hendrick Goltzius “Icarus” (1588) from the series The four disgracers

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