Excellent Covid Statistics Ignored by Big Finnish Media

Finland is clearly one of the best European countries in the management of Covid this last two years according to the latest updated (Worldmeter 13.1.2022) statistics for this period.

It has the forth lowest number of deaths per 100 00 of then population…

… and the lowest number of infections per 100 000 of the population.

Out economic performance has not been impacted badly – we have had strong economic growth and a buoyant export performance. There have been very few lockdowns and schools have largely remained open. 

The government has listened carefully to the best scientists and implemented most of their recommendations after careful deliberations. Some political squabbles have been heard but they are negligible in noise and impact – they are to be expected from a normal coalition government.

The same government has wisely spent huge amounts to companies to compensate them for their losses due to lockdowns, although, even within sectors, some companies have adjusted well while others has not and begged loudly for more money.

In any event, you would not believe that the biggest Finnish newspaper, called Helsingin Sanomat, is not reporting the above, but they are claiming that the present government’s Covid policies are a mess and that their message to the population is confusing! They have raised questions about the competence of the Prime Minister in managing this crisis!

How can Helsingin Sanomat, the largest Finnish newspaper, claim the moral high ground by making these unfounded complaints, when Finland clearly ranks has one of Europe’s best Covid situation, or should we say less worse?

The reason for their attacks against the government is that it appears that they must be playing some kind of “Murdoch Politics” by blindly supporting the right wing opposition! We currently have a regional election for the new counties and this newspaper appears to want their dear friends in power!

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