Expensive reforms never “save” money, they cost money…

The former Transport Minister reformed the taxi sector earlier this year with the famous quote:

“Competition will bring better service and lower fares.”

She is famous for putting her foot in it… Now, just a few months later, taxi prices have soared, many taxi drivers/owners have stopped driving, and in many smaller towns taxis are an endangered species. 

In similar fashion, the Former Prime Minister and the former Minister of Finance have also tried to reform our Healthcare system, which is said to be among the ten best in the world!

These 2 guys have been kicked out of their jobs (resigned today, 8.3.2019) because they have tried to rush through a new level of local government and tried to privatise large parts of public healthcare.

The result has been totally rejected for the following reasons:

  1. As unconstitutional according to lawyers, 
  2. As a system that does not improve the level of care according to healthcare professionals who remain in the public sector, 
  3. As expensive and lacking cost controls by infrastructure investment experts…
  4. … and, messy and confusing in the opinion of the media and the voters   

As above, this reform has significantly reduced the numbers of doctors and healthcare professionals in the public healthcare service, because many have jumped on the juicy private healthcare bandwagon where salaries and other perks are much higher… 

The creation of the 18 new counties for the healthcare reform must be the biggest cost saving hoax of all time!  Never in the history books can you find such a fairy story… 

The creation of a third level of government in a small country like Finland is so ridiculous that it could have only been invented by the current breed of politicians.

Why should a country of 5 million have three levels of government especially when there are already far too many small municipalities.

In Denmark and Sweden, with 4.5 million and 9 million inhabitants respectively, they manage with around 40% fewer municipalities per head!

It is simple – we should reduce the number of municipalities from over 300 to 150 and force them into 10 social and healthcare municipal federations which strict budget controls from the Ministry of Finance.


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