Fine Dining at La Bottega 13 – Deli & Wine Bar

La Bottega 13 is a restaurant,  deli and wine bar on Tehtaankatu 13 in the middle of Helsinki owned by Mr. Gianluca Poggio, a congenial and expert on Italian food.

Your correspondents been here several times, and were it not for the Covid attack we would have been here more often. 

The reason is simple – they are producing some of the best Italian meals here in Helsinki and must rank as one of the best fine-dining restaurants here too!

The restaurant is small and can only seat a dozen offer so customers but that makes it an intimate and interesting experience because Gianluca knows his cuisine and wine.

The unbeatable starter, our favourite is Antipasto al Tartufo. This is their shared plate of Italian hams, slices of sausages and cheeses. Small delicious portions selected carefully with the their home-made bread baked with rosemary oil  and then soaked in olive oil.

The main meal can be a pasta – we had Pasta al Tartufo Bianco – it was creamy perfectly cooked and presented, just right for a cold dark autumn evening. While our friends across the table enjoyed the Risotto con Tartufo. They too praised the fine quality of the meal over a shared bottle of Barbaresco.

They have a big choice of pasta and salads… and their deserts are great…  all of the normal classics you would expect to see in Italy.

Over the last 15 years, we have spent months in Alto Adige Region hiking in the mountains. La Bottega 13 ranks high on our list because they have achieved the same professional approach to good food in a relaxed by well-discipled manner.

A strong recommendation for a great evening out – they have a takeout menu too… and just down the road they have their own shop for Italian grocery products La Tartufata on Tehtaankatu 21.

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