Finland may have a new government – Praise the Lord!

After the appalling downfall of the last government due to a totally incompetent PM and his collection of ministers and mutineers, a brave new world has emerged out of the mists. It is a little more to the left but in Finland even the Lefties always end up as staunch right-wingers and run banks and the like.

The new government has received a frosty reception from the Conservatives who are now sitting in opposition, or trying to sit there. They have ants in their pants and just cannot stand still. They talk about how this new government will increase public debt, forgetting that they did just that for the last 8 years! They are also complaining about the new government’s plans to sell some shares in a few government owned companies, even though had been selling the same companies and privatising public services like crazy for the last 8 years.

The other opposition group, the nasty True Finns, have been gorging themselves on champagne and caviar after winning a bigger share of the vote. They did this by promising something near to Brexit by reducing the EU’s influence, by stopping immigrants from stealing all of our jobs, and by stopping polices that reduce the greenhouse emissions. They have become  the “True Trumps” and should change their party’s name accordingly. All of their three policies are based on nonsense. Finland has benefited from being in the EU. 

Before the 1990’s, we struggled just to get noticed and had to devalue our currency every time there was a downturn. Our population is getting older now, and the younger generations are having fewer children. We badly need skilled educated immigrants, but our language and weather are big barriers to entry! Lastly, Clean Tech and Energy Efficiency are in our DNA. We could sell much more if more of those thick heads spoke better English. Finland is not the center of the world and we need salespeople with language, engineering and sales skills, not loafers who sit in Parliament eating sweet buns and drinking cups of bitter coffee.

This new government can only be better than the last and possibly a little smarter since they intend to make education, gender equality and green policies top issues. But do not expect too much, but even a small nudge in the right direction can go a long way. 

Photo: The incoming Prime Minister, Antti Rinne, photographed by  Jukka-Pekka Flander/SDP

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