Finland to Remove Covid Restrictions

Finland has done well in managing the two year Covid Pandemic. We have kept large parts of the economy open with short focussed restrictions and a no general lockdowns. 

The population has used masks, washed their hands, and observed social distancing. 

People have queued quietly for vaccinations and just a few hundred have refused to be vaccinated of whom many have died or become seriously ill. Those who know better than the scientists do not receive much sympathy here. It is a civic duty to protect others and, in particular, the elderly and infirm from being infected.

Our economy has faired relatively well and many businesses and unemployed have received taxpayer support.

Now it appears that the worst may be over and it is a great relief that we get back to the new normal of Teams, less travel, less TV and more opportunities for culture, sport, exercise.

What is interesting here is that the government has been operating at full speed… They have managed to pass the new huge reform on healthcare and social care which the past 4 or 5 governments have fumbled with for almost 15 years!

They have also implemented labour market reforms which are already bringing down unemployment.

… and many Climate Change policies have also been implemented to stop, inter alia, coal and peat being used as fuels to heat our homes and offices.

Did you know that Finns have the cheapest and one of the most energy efficient district heating systems to keep us warm at home? We also enjoy plenty of portable fresh cold and hot water from the same systems.

This video is worth watching if you are interested in. learning more about our efficient district heating – it is from a small engineering company called Planora Ltd. in the north of Finland in the city of Oulu:



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