Finland’s Dirty Secret – Extracting Peat for Energy

Sitra and OutDoor Journal have written two reports about how Finland is using peat.

The Finnish government is suffering from a mild dose of Schizophrenia because of peat that is used for heating and power throughout the country. These two shed some light on this question.

The Finnish Innovation Fund (its called Sitra here in Finland), a publicly controlled think tank, has just published a long report on how Finland should stop using local peat because it is a fossil fuel that creates some 12% of greenhouse gases.

But as the title of this article shows, the international community and independent journalists are perfectly aware that Finland is not really perceived as the leading light of CleanTech even though the government others wants you to believe that we are leading there campaign to clean up the world.

The Outdoor Journal, a privately owned magazine with a excellent independent journalists,  does want to keep the globe clean and safe – they have written a fine story about how peat in Finland is poisoning our atmosphere.

Here is the link:

The problem for the government is that Sitra is under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament and the biggest peat producer is a big government-owned company called Vapo Oy! 

Not only that but the Center Party, a member of the present coalition government, has many wealthy forest owners and farmers who receive big benefits from ploughing up opt for Vapo and municipal energy companies. They do not want to see peat restricted or removed from use…

The Sitra report has already been trashed by some members off the Center Party while other members of the government have requested EU grants to help phase out peat production and use.

At best you can say that the political system is suffering from a mild dose of Schizophrenia on this subject.

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The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, is a public foundation which operates directly under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament. It is meant to promote economic growth and international competitiveness by supporting projects that increase the efficiency, education or research,  and study future development scenarios. 

Photo: Vapo Oy

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