Finland’s President on Why Finland is Joining NATO 

After 80 years of being an independent neutral nation it only took 3 months for Finland to decide that joining NATO is the right option.

The Finnish President, Mr. Sauli Niinistö, pictured above a few years ago when we thought Putin could be trusted, said the following this week:

“They (meaning the Russia leadership) are ready to attack a neighbouring country…”, and if he was asked by the Russians about why Finland decided to join NATO, he would simply reply, “You caused this – look in the mirror!”

The Finnish President and Finns in general are extremely angry with Putin, who has hidden his real face with the brutal killing of thousands of Ukrainian people who are now trying to defend their country against Putin’s armies.

Putin has openly abused his personal relationship with Niinistö and there can be no going back to a relationship of trust so long as he rules over the Kremlin.

Let’s be clear – Finland has a population of 5.5 million and Russia has over 120 million people. Nobody in their right mind can possibly see that Finland is a threat to Russia. Nobody can feel safe as Putin’s neighbour, when he has ordered a brutal war on Ukraine, where civilians are being murdered and raped in cold blood and where whole cities being devastated for no other reason that Putin thinks that Ukraine, a sovereign state, belongs to Russia!

Russia is a terrorist state and Putin is guilty of serious war crimes.

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