Finland’s Surprise Runner

We happened to be in the same place this morning covering the crazy Südtirol Drei Zinnen Alpine Run 2021 from Sexten here in northern Italy where 700 runners have signed up to the competition.

This picture shows  to Finnish Line at Drei Zinnen Hütte

Here is the Start – it is a cold morning 7C in bright sunshine, with a morning haze up on the mountains.

Two years ago they had the cycle race up the same mountains.

… and the run is really crazy. The steep trail is hard, really hard because even fit people take several hours after much puffing to get to the top,  the Drie Zinnen, which is around 1.5 kilometres higher than the start.

Out of this 700 runners your correspondent was surprised to hear that Kaisa Mäkäräinen was mentioned on the loud speakers just before the start. She was the only one interviewed before the huge crowd… It was a nice surprise to see that Finland was well represented by a runner who was not skiing and not shooting! It takes all types.

We will keep you informed of her progress later today.

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