Finnish Election Manifestos Can Be Disturbing

This coming April, if we are still alive on this planet, Finland will have a municipal election to elect our council members in some 300 large and small municipalities. These are important here because these representatives get to decide on zoning, local schools, care of young and elderly, many social matters, local roads, business support, libraries and other cultural activities.

The main political parties take them very seriously because they want to test the water for the next general election which will come in two years’ time.

The True Finns, the biggest opposition party, has already announced their 10-point manifesto, which is summarised here:

  1. No more tax increases, and municipalities should concentrate on basic welfare and security and not waste money on frivolous/damaging matters.
  2. Local firms should be preferred for procurement – water and electricity companies should be public goods.
  3. Old-boy networks, corruption to be stopped. True Finns remain independent from companies and unions.
  4. Climate change needs to be seen in perspective – the government pays for this not the municipalities. Finnish smokestacks are climate champs.
  5. No to multiculturalism, no same-sex stuff. Finnish national songs and Christmas carols to be sung in schools. Accusing Finns of racism or silencing the debate in the name of fighting hate speech are not things that municipalities should be involved in.
  6. Investments in railways to be limited, but freedom of movement in all forms of traffic needed. Roads must be paid for by taxpayers.
  7. Debt is bad like a millstone around the municipal neck.
  8. Schools and libraries should be safe places for all – no more bullying in schools, call in the police! Stop special case students from mixing in normal classes…
  9. The Swedish way is not the Finnish way for immigration… keep numbers down.
  10. Don’t be soft on immigrants…

Your correspondent has read the full manifesto through and apart from opposing immigration, multiculturism, climate change measures, same sex marriage, debt, railways, old-boys, Swedes, being nice to immigrants, etc., their manifesto vaguely looks like most of the other manifestos of the other parties here.

The manifesto is light on content and colorful in language. They must have spent quite a lot of money that they receive from us unfortunate taxpayers who are obliged to contribute via our taxes to the government’s budget that is then paid out as annual grants to the various political parties. Most of this money is wasted on media spin doctors, most of them former journalists, who earn good money writing this rubbish that says nothing and promises nothing but sounds great in the ears of the party supporters.

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