Finnish Fintech gears up 27.2.19 with Fintech Ecosystems

Finland is a small and powerful IT country that has always held a leading position in digital successes like Supercell, Rovio MySQL, MariaDB and Nokia Networks, etc. These quality IT companies that have served the global markets are the country’s lifeblood.

Competition in the global markets is tough and when Deloitte published a report “A tale of 44 cities – Connecting Global FinTech: Interim Hub Review 2017” many Finns were shocked to see that they were ignored!

Finnish Fintech is dominated by many small entrepreneurial companies that are tiny compared to the big banks. Although these companies are small there are paths to success with new ecosystems and smart partnerships with banks and growth investors.

That Deloitte report was a wakeup call and there has been a hive of activity to redress this imbalance in Helsinki and in Stockholm led by Kirsi Larkiala, CEO and founder of Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd. Other partners have also been active working with her.

Through her network of contacts and sheer determination she has brought a group of international banks and Finnish Fintech companies into the same workspace with their colleagues from more established European Fintech companies. 

She has sought out an innovative approach to simplify international trade and related banking processes through better digital solutions for exporters. 

She is now organising a Fintech Discovery Day on February 27, 2019 in Helsinki, with Andre Casterman, Board Member at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association, 7 large international Fintech companies and 5 big banks together with a group of many Finnish Fintech companies. Naturally a welcome has also been extended to large and small export companies who are joining the workshop. 

Join them in Helsinki on 27.2.2019 to discover how a series of ITFA and Finnish Fintech companies can help you grow digitally, whether acting as corporate CFO, finance / credit risk / trade finance manager, or as banker in the front, middle or back office team, or as investor in capital markets or as  Fintech company.

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