Finnish Foreign Minister is a political disaster

This week the Finnish Foreign Minister, Mr. Soini, who admires Trump, went further in diminishing his role in Finnish politics by attacking the recent IPCC Climate Change Report by saying the it was wrong for governments to force ordinary people to take action to stop climate change.

The 2 big parties rely on his tiny, almost non-existent, party to get a paper-thin majority in Parliament and so he is allowed to say or do anything and get “support” from the 2 big parties even when, like his present statement, is clearly contradictory to the government’s policy.

The man is nothing more than a fool when saying that climate change policies should be purely voluntary! The whole of our Earth’s population has been aware for decades that our climate is changing for the worse and yet voluntary action has clearly yielded no results.

IPCC is a serious effort and an important report to make governments force through important changes in policies that will, at last, start to reduce radically the harmful emissions with which we are choking our globe.

It is thanks to foolish politicians like Soini and Trump that got us here in the first place.

The IPCC report confirms what we already know that hurricanes, floods, drought and heat and cold will kill millions in the coming years and that the numbers of deaths will increase over time. 

Your children and their children nay not even have a safe place to live even if they get to be borne!

Finland, like Sweden, have always been concerned about the environment. We have always wanted to have a clean and safe place to live in where energy is not wasted, But the new class of clueless politicians, that commerce and industry have nurtured,  and the rise in the popular media that thrives on false news and advertising from these same companies, has diluted the brain power of many of our politicians.

You all think that Trump is thick when he says that climate change is a fantasy but the Finnish politicians have granted millions of grants to the big forest industries for making car fuel from wood, and allow peat to be used as a source of energy. 

Over 150 professors have stated clearly that such policies are contributing to climate change because we are using too much of our forest resources for fuels and peat is a big source of harmful emissions. The Environmental Minister and the Prime Minister just sit back and make thee claims in spite of what the experts say! Of course, the fact that they receive huge political contributions in one form or another and have policies that suit their party supports has nothing to do with these policies!

It is time for change – so vote…

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