Finnish government resigns in chaos

The Finnish government has resigned as it finally understood that it has no political legitimacy. 

The whole process of the so-called “Social and Healthcare Reform” (SOTE) along with the Center Party’s plans for the new Counties has now been seen as hopeless and misguided. 

The two reforms have been lame ducks right from the start. They have been based on the Center Party’s desire to create an unnecessary third tier of government at a time when the local government sector has been crying out for clear reforms. There are just too many municipalities doing their own thing!

The SOTE reform could have been easily reformed through local government. This should now be at the top of the agenda with strict controls by the Ministry of Finance.

Social and healthcare reforms are part of our basic services and they should remain as such with very limited access to private sector actors. They have been cherry picking to date with the strong support of the Conservative Party. Profit maximising companies have no place in public healthcare and public care of the elderly.

The appearance on the scene of aggressive private equity driven companies has been coated with the same sugar coated promises that have little to do with reality.

Dozens of cases of criminal elderly care have been noted by a regulator that has fewer inspectors than animal care inspectors!

It is no wonder that the Conservative Party and the Center Party have seen their poll numbers crash.

The above reasons are why the polls have shown that the present government has a mere 30% support and that they do not enjoy the confidence of voters. Four years have been wasted and that is a serious accusation of our political system.

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