Finnish Government’s Virus Management Calm and Collected

Today we heard from the above three leading experts from the government who are responsible for the national management of the Covid-19 Virus pandemic. They are not politicians, but they are the main civil servants and healthcare specialists who rely on our top scientific and medical experts for the best advice. 

They presented an update on the current situation together with announcements on the government’s latest recommendations. Read “recommendations” – we have avoided extended lock-downs and senseless commands from frightened politicians.

Unlike almost every other country Finland does not fiddle the corona statistics, but religiously tests, traces, and makes sure that oldies like your correspondent do not get infected. The schools are open, only secondary and high schools have reduced class sizes and video teaching is common place for older pupils. WE may not have got everything right but lessons have been learnt…

Masks are recommended for all Finns in all public places, restaurants have reduced their chairs but remain open, and people are asked to maintain proper social distancing. Cinemas, theatres and other cultural events only have half the number of attendees. Clear rules have be put in place for necessary hygiene arrangements. The only people who are making a noise are the opposition parties who do not seem to remember how to use a mask or who is responsible for managing our covid-19 policies. 

People listen carefully to these instructions and follow them for their own good. The death rate from the virus is low – one of the lowest in Europe, and much better than Sweden and about the same as Norway. 

The economic damage has been hard and the situation here is expected to continue for many more months. We can only hope that self-discipline can balance out the expected increase in infections because we are now starting to see the start of long cold winter. They already have half a meter of snow up north.

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