Finnish Green Party leader resigns – Poor Health+Poor Polls

The Green Party has had a number of good years under the leadership of Mr. Ville Niinistö, (above photo) who held the position for 2 electoral periods. However, he had to resign at the end of the second period because of the party rules. 

He passed the leadership to Mr. Aalto (photo below) who came with good credentials that enabled the party to see their best results in the polls of some 17%. However, a divorce and few inconsequential media mishaps led to a big reversal in the party’s polling results. Mr. Aalto went on sick leave and has just today announced his resignation as party leader. 

There is a fair amount of speculation about whether Mr. Niinistö will re-appear as party leader, or perhaps the acting leader, Ms. Maria Ohisalo will be elected. 

The party has an important role to play in the Climate Change debate here because the 2 big parties in the present government feel obliged, or perhaps are obliged, to support the large forest and fuel companies that provide fodder for their parties!

The present discussion in Finland about Climate Change is for the most part rational, but we still have too many publicly owned coal-fired power stations (Fortum, Helsinki, Vantaa, etc., representing the largest cities) too many publicly-owned peat-for-fuel companies and power stations, too many forestry companies cranking up the use of primary trees for “bio-fuels” which is, according to over 150 Finnish forestry scientists, totally irresponsible, and one state-owned fuel company that is busily mixing this “bio-fuel” with fossil fuel, Neste.

Finland understands the great importance of energy efficient solutions since we are in a country with really long and cold winters. In many business areas we are world leaders in what the rest of Europe is far behind. We have excellent district heating systems in all big urban areas, all housing is properly insulated, and we use smart systems to keep our energy bills low. Ground heat, new wind farms and now even new solar panels are being used and paid for without any public subsidies.

We will continue to do more, but we need to have a strong Green Party to stop big industries’ lobby groups and their political servants  from dominating these discussions and policies. 

Most Finns also want their grandchildren to have and enjoy long healthy lives on this globe.


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