Finnish Healthcare Reform in ER – politicians simply incompetent

Why do we get politicians that we do not deserve?

When the present government started planning for the 100th time the healthcare reform 3 years ago, it was plainly obvious that they had no idea about the costs or the savings. They talked about a € 3 billion cost savings over 10 years but there was no calculation based on facts – it was just pulled from a hat.

The Minister in charge, a Mr. Rehula, obviously had no idea about the heavy costs involved for IT investments, which were irresponsibly estimated by the project leader to be only €1 billion!

Then, the Center Party demanded that there be 19 new Counties and they got their wish on condition that the Conservative Party could privatize large parts of public healthcare – their friends that sponsor their party with large sums of money and hands out great jobs to party members! Talk about pork barrel deals.

The proposal for new Counties is about as crazy as you can get. 19 new Counties will be created to manage the social- and healthcare matters along with economic development. The costs of this exercise are huge because new buildings are needed for a whole new level of government.

It would have been more productive to reduce the number of municipalities to 100 instead of the 315 that are now hanging around. This was proposed here in FinnishNews 2 years ago and mirrors a reform in Sweden and Denmark. However, the Center Party just loves having places to employ all their mates. Over 200 000 doctors and healthcare workers are to be transferred to the new Counties, in addition to the 2 000 newly elected officials – just think about the IT and administration costs for all that!

Now the reform chaos has been seen, for the umpteenth time, to be unconstitutional, and the whole reform must go back to the planning board, as was expected from day 1.

Now it appears that the healthcare reform and the new Counties will not be put in place before the next general election – or maybe they will… nobody seems to have a clear idea at this stage just before the summer break.

So, if you think Brexit is a mess then welcome to Finland. The only good news for the Finns is that we will have elections next April, which will probably throw out the Center Party from the next government. According to the polls the next government will most probably be led by the Social Democrats and the Conservative Party.

The Brits are stuck with Ms. May and her Foreign Minister who thinks that “All Business” should “F **k Off”, (26.6.2018). There will not be any new elections in the UKto guide them through the mud and clay that they are delivering to the unsuspecting population. If both of the main parties fail to understand that you really do need factories, offices and jobs, then there is not much hope for life there after dear old Brexit…

… and let’s be absolutely clear, Finland like the rest of Europe really does need the Brits to be in the EU. The most urgent thing that needs doing today is to get rid of fools like Junker and Tusk who seem to think that the United States of Europe is their ultimate reason for their existence. The swamp in Brussels needs to be drained by radical reforms which we cannot wait forever to happen.

So why do we get politicians that we do not deserve???

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