Finnish PM Resigns Smartly

The government’s storm in the teacup has been resolved quickly and neatly here in Helsinki by the Prime Minister, Mr. Rinne, resigning smoothly and graciously while expressing the hope that the present coalition will continue to govern under a new PM and possibly with a few Ministerial changes. 

That deserves a grateful nod to the PM who now becomes a “Caretaker” PM.

He came to the press conference this afternoon and made with the following statements, (rough translations):

  • “I took over the Social Democratic Party in 2014 with the intention of making a change to values in politics and in society at large…”
  • ““All the other parties in the coalition remain behind me…” 
  • “Since then, I feel that my influence has brought about such changes…” 
  • “I have handed in my resignation to the President today because of general statements made by the Center Party that they have no confidence in my leadership…”
  • “All the other parties in the coalition have remained behind me…” 
  • “This statement of no confidence was not defined in more specific terms, but I drew the conclusion that it is more important for the coalition to continue in its present form and with its present program. My leadership is not a necessary prerequisite for this…”
  • “The decision to resign was entirely my own decision…”

The Prime Minister will remain as Party Leader until next summer when new elections will take place.

A new government is expected to be formed very quickly on the above basis.

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