Finnish Politics – Hysteria & Dumb Budget Cuts

There has been a certain amount of hysteria in political circles because some mainly 500 men from Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan have arrived on bicycles and kick scooters at the Russia-Finnish border posts. Most of them have asked for refugee status.

There is nothing particularly alarming about their arrival except for the fact that the border posts are in the middle of nowhere in the northern parts of Finland, surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of empty forests, with temperatures -10°C to -30°C!

See above – in this old photo you can see how the Finns once had to flee Russia aggression in Karelia – the weather then in 1940 was just like today really cold!

There was no way that these ladies and gentlemen could have arrived on their own without the support of the Russian Empire. We all saw the videos of the Russian militia transporting groups of them in their official vans to two parking spots just a few kilometers behind the border posts. When they go out of the vans, we understand that they were sold bicycles and scooters (€100 to €500 each) and told to cycle to the border posts, and not return to Russia under any conditions.

It’s perfectly clear that the Russian government led by Putin were deliberately behaving badly towards Finland. It was a sort of thing the children do when they want to bully others.

The True Finns were really upset about this “flood” of immigrants and started spreading stories that Finland is under a serious attack from Russia. They demanded that all entry posts be closed to refugees indefinitely – they even said that the legal impediments stated by the Attorney General should be ignored! He said that such action was illegal under international agreements. Finland has always followed the rule of law and nobody else wanted to step away from that golden rule. Later, a more measured and legal short-term policy was agreed upon. There was no question that there was a threat from the Russians but it wasn’t very significant and certainly didn’t require being headline news in every possible media for the last three weeks.

A much more serious and long-lasting problem has emerged. The right-wing government has been cutting support for low-income folk, education and healthcare while reducing the tax burden of high-income wage earners. This is the same right-wing government that has cut the education budget between 2007 and 2019…

The new PISA results has shown the result of these cuts – Finland was once top of the class but now we are way down the list because of these cuts.

Our great teachers say that there are not just enough resources because of the past budget cuts… 

Fleeing Russia in the winter is like facing budget cuts in education – nothing good ever comes out of such matters…

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