Finnish Politics This Week – Carelessness

The True Finns have at last received their shining black Mercedes and BMW ministerial cars, as well as some powerful ministerial jobs. They have joined the Conservatives to form a right-wing block government! Impressive…

Just before the last general election in April this year, the True Finns published the following statement in their manifesto:

3: Finns need to be cared for – One million Finns live at or below the poverty line. Low income affects your whole life and your choices. Arbitrary cuts must be stopped and the mistakes of the 90s recession must not be repeated. The Finns must be cared for now.”

That above statement is really impressive too…

However a few months later, the True Finns have now orchestrated large cuts in housing subsidies, and other basic grants and subsidies for low-income workers and other poor folk, while actually decreasing taxation for those lucky folk who receive a salary of over €10 000 each month. They are also discussing ways to increase the sales tax on food, another major negative hit on low-income workers and other poor folk.

These same ministers certainly know how be cared for because they all get large salaries!!!

Their party leader has also said that there is a crisis in the education and healthcare sectors, and that money is being used in both sectors indiscriminately and wastefully. This is an interesting comment that is an open attack on the Conservative Party’s policies, her partner in the present coalition. The Conservative Party has been one of the largest parties in the various governments the last few decades, and are presently holding the Prime Minister’s position as the leading party in this current coalition!

Yes, the two sectors are in a crisis because salaries in healthcare have soared as the public sector has been forced to employ very expensive doctors and healthcare workers from the private sector. Teachers are in short supply because public schools have been starved of cash by successive right-wing governments.

Healthcare reforms have been too slow and not enough doctors have been trained, because the Doctors Associations and Teaching Universities have opposed more training for fear of reduced salaries if there are too many entering the work force! We have known for the last three decades that we have one of the fastest aging populations, and yet the politicians have failed in their duty of care for both education and healthcare!

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