Finnish Politics This Week – Former allies fight it out!

It appears that the 2 main parties never really agreed on the big things when in power, but before resigning they did agree to not to disagree on condition that they got to keep their pet projects.

The Finnish government resigned last week just five weeks before the next general election! They just could not drive their pet projects through Parliament, whose Constitutional Committee found so many unconstitutional measures!

So much for pet projects that deserve to be dumped in the dustbin!

Now the 2 big parties are fighting a bloody war against one another now that the fragile comradeship of a coalition government has been shattered.

The Center Party want to keep the new Counties, their pet project, and claim that the “Freedom of Choice” policy of the Conservative Party is rubbish!

The Conservatives want to scrap all talk of new Counties and they do not want to dirty their hands with any more cooperation with the wicked Center Party! They still hand on to all that is beautiful with Freedom of Choice and Privatisation. Even if they have toned down the privatization bit just now it will creep back into their policies if elected again into power.

The best and probably most juicy bit of news is the follow-up to former Prime Minister’s promise that he made when elected in 2015 “I will be out if there are no results!”

Well, after resigning from his post the other week he claimed that he was keeping this promise of going out because he could not deliver…

The only problem with his declaration is that he appears to be going nowhere since resigning! He was appointed by the President to continue to run a lame duck caretaker government until the election, and now he says that he intends to fight to be elected once more!

That is not exactly what anyone was expecting… but we all know what today’s politicians are like… you only have to call your friends in the US, UK, France, and in Italy to get the picture… 

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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