Finnish Politics This Week – New Clangers

Two ministers from the 20% Conservative Party have made public comments that even surprise any thinking person as being completely bonkers…

The first comment was something like the following:

Finland will not achieve Climate Change objectives by 2035 because it is not realistic… … and the forest industry does not need to reduce cutting down trees to produce toilet paper for the Chinese because it is impossible to calculate how much carbon is captured in forests, but capturing carbon dioxide on paper factories chimneystacks is a far better way to reduce greenhouse gases.

The brilliant minister for Climate Change refuses to listen to scientists in Finland and in the EU because he thinks he is the all-powerful, all-knowing minister! The bigger the forests the bigger the carbon sink is a simple scientific truth, but not for those who depend on political contributions from the monolithic Finnish forest industry!

The second minister, pictured above, is the picture of innocence! When she was minister of education a few years ago, she cut the education budget because she was told to do it, but never admitted to doing it! Now she claims the following.

She says that she is surprised that the True Finns have senior party members, as well as rank and file members, who are so racist.

You must wonder where she has been living this last decade! Probably she is somewhat illiterate or otherwise incapacitated to read anything in the public domain about this party that has been screaming xenophobic slogans since inception.

It is great that we have such ministers in our government – they match the True Finns perfectly in their political philosophy – a philosophy that is based on something that we have seldom seen in Finnish politics beforehand.

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