Finnish Politics – True Finns Remain Close to Trump

The Finnish opposition party, the True Finns, is lead by a rather strange and complex leader who happens to be a well-educated young man with an academic background in Russian and Old Church Slavic language which ended around 2006 after complaints about his racist texts appearing on the internet. 

It appears that little has changed over time. He is a prodigious writer and in his texts and public communications he remains critical of immigration, critical of many facets of the EU, and of the Euro. The level and tone changes over time and it hard to nail down exactly what he thinks… but such criticism can be made against many other politicians.

He appears to believe that Trump’s actions during the last 4 years and on January 6th, 2021 were not as reckless as the rest of the world believes them to be. 

Again here too he did not fully absolve Mr. Trump… This muddling along approach is good for politicians. You will recall that Trump often repeated the expression “It may be true, or it may not be true…” and, about Covid19 he said the great classic statement:

“It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear. And from our shores, we — you know, it could get worse before it gets better. It could maybe go away. We’ll see what happens. Nobody really knows,”

Mr. Halla-aho has succeeded in finding an audience that is sympathetic to these ideas because the latest polls puts the True Finns as the most popular political party with an estimated 22% share of support.

However, even if there was a general election in the near future, it is doubtful if any other party would be ready to participate in a coalition government with the True Finns. This is especially clear now after the dreadful Trump-inflamed chaos in Washington when Capitol Hill was attacked and where four people died.

The True Finns have maintained a steady flow of negative news about the our present  government’s activities. That is their prerogative, but it is a tough route to follow because there is seldom much value in running an opposition political party that can only offer negative criticism about a present government, without offering carefully thought-out alternative proposals to solve society’s challenges. One day they must step up to govern and that requires much more than quick sound bites.

Such a political party resembles the protesters who were egged on by Trump on January 6th. The hooligans suddenly found themselves at a loss when they stood aimlessly in the Capitol Hill’s inner chambers. They stood there like fools wondering what to do next after smashing down doors, windows, and after attacking the weak police force there. 

Or one can look at another hopeless one-sided crusade “planned and executed” by Nigel Farage. He only had one objective called “Brexit”. When it arrived he had nothing left to sell and no sane voter should vote for him. The result of Brexit is not good. The UK is now in a worse economic position as a failing Global Leader! Their trading relationship with the EU, their largest trading partner, is worse today that before. Food is more expensive, jobs have been lost, small companies are finding exporting to be too complex and too costly, and foreign investment has fallen. During the Brexit negotiations, UK politicians even planned to renegade on international treaties that they have signed, although they pulled back at the last moment. Few leaders in Europe now trust these same men and women.

The latest polls from the UK show that a majority of the population wants to get rid of their leader now because of the mismanagement of Covid19 and of the economy. And what is Nigel Farage doing? He is probably drinking down another pint of beer and wondering about new opportunities to secure more cash from the next group of suckers with Trump’s support…

If our politicians cannot offer us solid policy proposals for the future then there is little reason to vote for them. Why pay tax money as wages for people who want to keep us happy by making promises that can never be implemented? If you would never buy an expensive television or computer knowing it will not work, then why would you support a politician who has nothing solid to offer except empty promises of a glorious future!

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