Finnish Politics – Voting for Honest MPs

It is worth reading MP’s websites, especially just before elections – it should make you think twice about how you cast your vote.

“A clash of cultures and massive social problems are an inevitable consequence when large groups of people from underdeveloped regions try to move to Europe,” wrote Mr. Ville Rydman, a young MP and a contender to become Mayor of Helsinki.

He continues on his own website: “Finland must be preserved as a society where children can go to school on their own and women and the elderly do not have to be afraid outside on the street at night… … Hardworking experts are, of course, welcome, but Islamic radicals and people who do not adapt to European society must be turned right back out the door”.

We should be somewhat concerned when a young person makes such comments.

When this young person has big political ambitions and makes such comments we should be worried.

When this young person is an MP from a big political party we must be really worried. 

Today, Finnish children walk to school without fear of being harassed, while women and the elderly are seldom, if ever, threatened when walking around during the evening or later at night! It is natural to be more careful anywhere at night, but Finland definitely has no significant problem of security in the city or in the countryside. Such statements are fear-mongering rubbish. In fact, we are one of the safest countries in the world, except for domestic violence which is normally perpetuated by ordinary Finnish men towards their womenfolk. 

His other statement about Islamic radicals and people who do not adapt to European society are another attempt to spread falsehoods. 

It is perfectly clear to everybody that Finns do not want terrorists to come. No European country wants that, and for this purpose there are strong border controls and careful immigration policies. 

The biggest threats to the general population are home-grown criminals, and organised crime from abroad. This latter group comes from the Baltics, Sweden, Russia and probably a few other places in Europe. Chinese, North Korean and Russian state-supported hackers are another major threat to our security. It doubtful if more than a handful of terrorists have ever made it to our shores during the last two decades! 

Another problem with his writing is that he speaks about the values of European society as if it is clearly identifiable! One must wonder what he means. The variety of cultures and languages in Europe is huge and changing continuously over the decades and centuries. The source of Christianity is from the Middle East as we know it today. Look at the valuable culture, philosophies and scientific matters we have learnt from China, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, India, etc., in over the past thousands of years. That such a person can place himself as a judge and jury on deciding what are European values is facetious to the extreme. In fact one could argue that his views are extremist and radical and perhaps he should be shown “the back door…”

This MP is from one of the traditional incumbent political parties, the Conservative Party, (Kokoomus in Finnish), here in Finland. Their members have seldom been guilty of spreading such prejudice and falsehoods. They are on the right side in their politics, and have generally been civilised in their behaviour. This new and unpleasant behaviour appears to be planned to attract voters away from the True Finns, (Perussuomalsiet in Finnish), who have extended their support base by creating uncertainty and fearfulness by preaching nationalism and spreading xenophobic ideas, and then playing on the fears they have sown amongst voters. It appears that Mr. Rydman is stooping down to a weak populist platform just to win a few votes. After watching Trump this last four years, one can only say that this approach devalues Finnish democracy and should be repulsed.

Photo: by John Darroch – Photo taken at the Kia Kaha Aotearoa: Stand Against Racism march in Auckland New Zealand. The march was in response to the Christchurch Mosque attacks and attracted over a thousand participants. Wikipedia Commons.

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