Finnish Politics – Young Fascists Rising & Oldies Circulating

The True Finns, that truly nationalist party, are having problems with their young ones as is normally the case with every family and every political party. Competition to get noticed by the young ones is so intense these days that they generally go overboard in baring their breasts, renting their shirts and flaying their backs. 

This time one of their little leaders of the Young True Finns announced to the world that he is a “Fascist”. He probably has no idea what that really means because we do not round up religious groups in concentration camps, which is in everybody’s thoughts when the “F” word is mentioned. 

The head of the True Finns tried to push through an amendment in the regulations of the Young True Finns which would then enable him to expel the trouble-maker but he failed. So off he went back to Parliament building to plan his next move. This is the same man that the last government managed to throw out when he was elected to head the party, so he has some experience about being dumped and dumping!

The Young True Finns will probably lose their public funding if they cannot clean up their act, and that would certainly not be a bad idea. It is difficult to see why taxpayers should be paying hard-earned cash to these monkeys. We do not reward our real children for such antics. 

On another note, Mr. Katainen, the newly appointed President of Sitra, the government-owned and controlled Finnish Innovation Fund that is supposed to produce strategic scientific plans for the future has said that he does not want to return to politics.

This is a bit rich coming from a former Conservative party Leader, Finance Minister, Prime Minister and EU Commissioner who has never done anything else but politics since leaving school. In fact the only reason he got this job and all the others was because of his political background and network…. And that will all he will ever do because the private sector does not have much use for politicians except as highly paid lobbyists. That is his photograph from the Sitra website. He was the one who famously said Finland’s €1 billion loan to Greece was a “Great Deal” – very Trumpian, well before Trump was ever invented as president.

Finally, Finland is resembling Little Britain even more. The CEO of Fortum, one of our biggest state-owned stock exchange Fossil Fuel producers, ops… that should read biggest Cleantech company if you ignore their huge fossil fuel business in Germany and Espoo (second biggest city in Finland) – Mr. Lundmark has jumped ship to join Nokia from whence he once came. 

His possible successor is said to be either the son of the former CEO of the biggest newspaper, Sanoma, or the son of the former CEO of Neste, another government owned stock exchange  Fossil Fuel Cleantech company. We have quite a lot of these companies that like to be called Clean Tech when the main part of their business is really based on fossil fuels. 

However, it should be said that their spin doctors do say that they are in the process of cleaning up their act like the True Finns are but then the right nomenclature for them should be “Future Clean Tech Companies”. That has a nice ring!

In any event, Finland needs Nokia to get back into shape. Their 5G network business was not in the best shape but Finnish engineering genius can improve things now under the leadership of their incoming Chair Person, Ms.Sari Baldauf. She has an excellent reputation as a strong leader and with Mr. Lundmark there is a good chance that Nokia’s fortunes will be reversed.

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