Finns are satisfied, but are definitely not the happiest folk in the world

The World Happiness Report is produced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and it uses data from surveys conducted between 2015 and 2017.

These surveys across the world ask thousands of people to rank 6 variables from zero to 10, with 10 representing the best possible life. The 6 variables are GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption and generosity.

Finland scored an average of 7.6 with other Nordic nations ranking high. After Finland, the next top 9 were Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

Finns live in a country that “enjoys” 3 warmer months and 9 months of cooler, colder, freezing, less light and darker months, so long as the summer months are snow-free and do not have continued torrential rain showers.

Finnish men are silent serious folk who cheer up to talk about ice hockey and beer. Finnish women are serious, do not understand men’s humour (mainly because there is none), and talk a lot amongst themselves.

Good news is met with disbelief and strong doubts, bad news is welcome.

Sunny days will be followed by rain and taxes will always increase.

It is ok to have a nice house and a lovely partner but do not expect your neighbour’s nice house and lovely partner to be praised…

Holidays, taxes, marriage, politics and work are necessary commitments not to be enjoyed.

Sitting all alone in a small wooden summer house with an outside loo in the middle of the forest by a small lake is heaven, except for the mosquitoes, wood chopping and regular painting and repair work.

There will not be one Finn that could ever agree with the result of the UN Happiness Report.

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