Finns Know That Some Russian Leaders Cannot be Trusted

Finns have always had a clear relationship with Russians. Ordinary Russians are treated by us with normal respect because they are mostly good people. It is not their fault that some of Russia’s leaders use violence and fraudulent means to steal from them. It has always been like that with the police and militia just take after their bosses.

It is all a big pyramid swindle from the top down, and this has been going on for too long.

Let’s not be too smug – we have the same sort of cheating going on here too in the West, be it less extreme! Many European politicians have no hesitation to fill their pockets with bribes and payments in exchange for favours. But with the current Russian leadership the situation has taken a turn for the worse.

Let’s recall that Putin & Co. have been threatening NATO with nuclear weapons.

Let’s recall that Putin & Co. have been threatening NATO with nuclear weapons. Is that an acceptable behaviour of a rational leader?

As a result of the above, Finland and Sweden have applied together for NATO membership. We are two countries locked together geographically and culturally. The invasion of Ukraine was the final straw for both countries, who have been building closer ties with NATO for years.

Turkey has been raised objections about Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership. The arguments centre on Sweden’s internal affairs, which are off limits when considering NATO membership. Sweden and Finland do not interfere in Turkey’s internal affairs for the same reasons that Turkey has no right to interfere in our internal affairs.

Both Nordic countries hold strong in maintaining our Constitutional Rights:

  1. Freedom of speech,
  2. Freedom of the press,
  3. Democracy & with fair and open government.
  4. We have peaceful countries managed by parliamentary governments where we are all equal before the law.

Sweden and Finland have jointly applied to join NATO and both countries expect quite rightly that their applications will be accepted with due process.

There are no rules or norms of NATO that either country is breaking in this process. All present NATO countries have ratified Finland’s and Sweden’s application to join NATO, except for Turkey and Hungary – we are waiting patiently for their ratification.

Both Nordic countries are rich in military resources and knowledge and their joint membership, at the same time, will add considerable defensive resources to NATO as a whole.

The Russian leaders are not to be trusted – we need a strong defence against the Russian leadership and their mindless threats.

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