Finns Tighten the Screws while Belgium Mis-Manages

The Finnish Government decided to tighten border traffic, the recommendations on testing, and quarantine rules starting this last week of January 2021. The aim is to prevent the re-escalation of the growth of the COVID-19 epidemic and the spread of the COVID-19 variant here. The new virus variant spreads faster with serious consequences.

Airports and harbour entry points will see testing of all passengers and if found to be infected then quarantine will be imposed and monitored with sanctions.

Entry into the country based on employment will be restricted to essential work that is important for society or for security of supplies. Certain special groups are permitted to enter, and include people involved in culture, sports and certain workers in specific sectors.

Family border movements are also tightened – the only family members allowed to cross are spouses, children, parents, parents-in-law and grandparents.

Finnish citizens have the right to enter and leave the country unless their right to free travel has been restricted – and these new rules impact them now in many cases.

It should be noted that Finns have been rather good at adhering to the government’s recommendations and restrictions. You can see the results in the following comparison of infections and deaths per 100 000 of the population.

The argument that Finland and Norway can implement better controls is rubbish – Sweden is also a small country and has infection and death rates that are 7 and 10 times higher than Finland’s. Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland all have much higher rates too relatively to Finland and Norway.

The biggest disaster is to be found in Belgium from where the EU is operating – the authorities and the EU folk appear to be completely mad by any measure – the numbers are just awful.

Belgium is not some banana republic but a wealthy country enjoying many special benefits.This is a serious matter when considering that the EU maintain their offices in that country. There can be no excuses for such poor management by their government or by the EU.

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