Fond Memories to Celebrate the Day

A reader from the south-west coast of Finland sent me this letter and it is worth being published because of its relevance today when many are faced with spiraling costs and the uncertainty that Putin’s war has placed in our minds.

Dear Relatives and Friends,

The seasons change, and here we are again, with my birthday. The season when the first snow usually falls here on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Recently, according to the Finnish system, I am counted as a pensioner. But since I keep working, it just means more extra money than in many years.

We started the day by raising the Finnish flag.

To make it flutter, the 4-year-old blew the hunting horn. It didn’t work, but we managed to lure the sun out of the clouds for a while. So we set out to climb to the highest point in the area, at a height of 60 meters up on the Salpausselkä Kakkonen, a naturally form high ridge of sand and granite.

This is place I have never visited in my 68 years, only 1 km from the kitchen door. The 4-year-old climbed like a “Jehu”, (that is Finnish slang for a fast-moving person) up through the two layers of glacial rock (pirunpelto), with me straining in tow.

Going up was still possible, but the descent was blue murder, or at least my legs strained with the effort. The 4-year-old kindly came back up and helped me down. But now it is done.

(My Mother resignedly stated on her deathbed that she never made it to Santiago de Compostela. Let’s see if I can make it.)

 But the most important orders for my age group to remmeber are:

(1) To help families with children,

(2) To continue to be in gainful employment. Labor is needed in our country and since it takes tens of years to get more through support for families with children and increased birth rates, it is wisest that those of us pensioners who are able to work should do so. It works well as specialists, shop cashiers, bus drivers, to help in home care, hospitals, and day care,

(3) Help without full labor compensation in important technical and social projects. There are many projects that get stuck at the idea stage because younger people must work for immediate profit and with the family. Healthy pensioners have time and have knowledge.

Have a great day, everyone

Marcus R.


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